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Episode 95: Client Case Study: Eating 780 MORE Calories Without Weight RegainEpisode 95:

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What is a beautiful peach? Today’s episode is going to be amazing as we walk through a client case study. This client in BPM has been able to eat 700, actually more than 700, but when I wrote this, it was 780 more calories without regaining weight. Now she’s eating even more and has lost 10 pounds. In this episode, we will discuss the process we took in BPM to achieve this. Many of you may be interested in reverse dieting and healing your metabolism, so let’s dive in.

The client had a history of dieting and a hyper awareness of food since middle school. She struggled with weight loss and regain for two decades, trying various diets including WeightWatchers, Body for Life, Keto, low fat, no fat, and more. She was tired of the constant dieting and the obsession with food. Despite internal excuses, she finally reached out for help.

The first step was to ensure a sustainable approach. We tailored her macros to fit her individual needs and goals, focusing on a calorie range that felt good to her. This foundation was crucial for long-term success. We then moved on to creating a maintainable plan that allowed her to incorporate all foods, including those previously considered off-limits. Breaking free from the restrict-binge cycle was a significant goal.

Specifically, we addressed her fear of carbs and educated her on their role in the body. Tracking her macros and reintroducing carbs gradually helped her overcome this mental hurdle. As she saw positive changes in her body and energy levels, she gained confidence in the process.

It’s important to note that individualized approaches are key. What works for one person may not work for another. We focused on her personal history, goals, and metabolic health to design a plan that was both effective and enjoyable. By following this framework, she was able to heal her metabolism, find food freedom, and regain control of her life.

In the next part of the episode, we will delve deeper into the methodology and steps we took. Stay tuned!

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