Lose weight without restriction.

A self-paced course teaching you how to reverse diet, ditch the cycle, and drop the extra pounds in just 5 weeks.

Restore your metabolism and lose weight without restriction with The Reverse Diet Course. This self-paced course is the best next step if you know the basics of macros and want to learn how to use that simple tracking method to reverse diet.

It’s not you–it’s those shady crash diets and so-called “experts.”

If you’re anything like the women who love this course, your current situation probably looks something like this:

And all that you have to show for it is a hangry attitude that keeps getting you in trouble.

You slashed your calories, cut carbs and sugar, and tried all the diets.

You control everything and “be good” all day long, even though you really want a treat.

You do all the cardio and regularly skip happy hour with the girls to hit the gym.

The problem? Your poor metabolism is begging you for some love. Let’s give your body what it needs so you can get back to feeling like your fine self.

The Reverse Diet Course is totally different from anything you’ve tried before…

A proven method to heal your metabolism and relationship with food.

Completely restriction and diet-free. Have your cake–no food is “off limits” here!

Lose weight, keep it off, and feel good living without all-consuming food anxiety.

Pssst… Still need to figure out how to track macros?

Keep scrolling – The CSchmidt Macro Calculator is included as a bonus! I got you, girl. 💖

peachy results:

My speciality is reverse dieting and restoring your metabolism to help you lose weight and keep it off… without restrictions.

Life is best lived with a glass of wine in one hand and cake in the other. That’s kind of a weird thing for a health expert to say, right?

You’ll see that we do things differently around here–literally flipping everything you’ve tried before upside down and starting fresh. I dedicate my days to educating and coaching women as they reverse the metabolic damage the big bad diet industry inflicts on too many of us.

The result? You finally lose the weight… The fun way.

Hey, I'm Caitlen!

no, it's not too good to be true!

And if you hang out with me, I’ll show you how my stress-free method can work for you too. I’m protective of my beautiful peaches and truly only want the best for you.


Reverse dieting transformed my life, but that’s not the only reason why I’m qualified to guide you through your weight loss journey.

I’m not like other “coaches” you see online–I actually studied this stuff. I’m kind of a geek and like to collect knowledge.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics

Masters Degree in Exercise Science & Sport Nutrition


No, you don’t need to live in a 1,200 calorie deficit.

The problem I see with other coaches, fitness tracking apps, and the diet industry in general is that these other options don’t consider 2 things: 1) Your specific journey, and 2) Your metabolism. When your metabolism is happy because you took the time to restore it, weight loss is easy peasy margarita squeezy.

You deserve to commit to yourself – you can have your cake and eat it too.

→ Stop eating low calories and feeling restricted. You can have all your favorite foods without gaining weight.

→ Stop Googling for the answers. Learn to easily count macros and make adjustments for your “Human Factor.”

→ Stop feeling gross all the time. Lose weight and gain muscle. Fuel your body properly so you can finally feel good.

You need a reverse diet to heal your metabolism first.

The proof is in the pudding numbers.
(But we like pudding here too).

Talk nerdy with me for a second and take a look at these sample numbers. These are based on actual counts from other women like you who have taken The Reverse Diet Course.

dieting sally ann

1200 Calories
500 Calories
700 Calories
Yes :(
No :(

Starting Metabolism
Calorie Cut
New Metabolic Intake
Weight Loss?

reverse dieting sally ann

2500 Calories
500 Calories
2000 Calories
Nope :)
Heck Yes! :)

Starting Metabolism
Calorie Cut
New Metabolic Intake
Weight Loss?

The difference between the two paths is that one focuses on rules and restrictions, while the other uses science to get back to really living. I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to follow rules.

My beautiful peaches think the same way! This could be you…

A Little Love From Some Of Our Favorite People
& Macro Membership Members

current member

I'm in the Reverse Diet Course and I'm eating 60 more carbs and haven't gained any weight! I actually lost 2 pounds. I've been trying to get the weight off for 3 years. Within a short time in the course and lost weight by eating more. When you say it's freeing, it is more than that. I truly feel like myself again.

current member

I have 4 weeks til my reverse diet is up...I lost over 20 pounds and more than 10 inches and I went from eating 59 carbs 31 fat a day...to eating 380 carbs and 81 fat!! Thank you so much more confident in my body and stronger every day.

current member

I have dieted my whole life and after you introduced me (and taught me how to properly reverse diet) MY LIFE IS AMAZING!

From 1000 calories to 2100 calories NO WEIGHT GAIN!

Free yourself from the food anxiety and change your life for good.

Reverse dieting is no joke–it works and it’s not that hard if you know what you’re doing.

Get the exact steps to follow if you want to heal your metabolism and lose weight without the restrictive dieting that only makes things worse. In just 5 weeks, you’ll make the adjustments needed to hit your goals–and keep the weight off.

Set the foundation for a successful reverse diet to restore your metabolism and lose weight.


Inside The Reverse Diet Course, you'll find;

  • Find your metabolic baseline with the Slow Metabolism Calculator.
  • Identify the proper macros for your Human Factor.
  • Learn how to use a macro tracking app.
  • Learn the science behind why you will not gain all the weight back with a reverse diet.
  • Learn when and how to adjust your protein (protein, carbs, and fat are adjusted one at a time).

Reverse dieting means you get to reverse out of cardio too–learn how to start safely!


  • Discover the specific adjustments to make each week.
  • Learn when and how to decrease cardio so you don’t gain weight back.
  • Use the reverse diet checklist to guide your decisions.
  • Stop stressing about cheat meals–we like “free meals” only!

Ready to eat carbs guilt free?


  • Learn exactly where your metabolism needs to be.
  • Learn when and how to adjust your carbs to maximize your results, and avoid weight regain.
  • Access to Caitlen’s Carb Adjustment Plug n’ Play Download.
  • Learn exactly how to track alcohol.

Long term change includes both physical, and mental…time for some peachy mindset work.


  • Learn exactly why fat does not make us fat.
  • Access to the Fat Adjustment Plug n’ Play Download
  • How to create a morning routine to de-stress your life.
  • How to create a positive and uplifting environment.
  • How well do you really know yourself? Get access to Caitlen’s favorite personal development tools.
  • Creating boundaries and standards that will increase your quality of life.

Connect all the pieces together, you will know exactly how to reverse diet like Caitlen!


  • Access to Caitlen’s personal coaching Reverse Diet Plug n’ Play Download.
  • Bring together your new knowledge of adjusting protein, carbs, fat, and cardio.
  • At this point, you will be a reverse diet master!

The course is set with a drip schedule to ensure your success!

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Stuck between The Macro Calculator and the Reverse Diet Course?

Here’s the breakdown of what’s inside each…

the macro calculator

Custom Starting Macros

Metabolism Report - do you have a slow metabolism?

Macro Adjustments For Reverse Dieting

Cardio Adjustments for Reverse Dieting

Reverse Diet Checklist 

Alcohol Macro Tracker

Learn to Reverse Diet

Self-paced Course

reverse dieting course

Custom Starting Macros

Metabolism Report - do you have a slow metabolism?

Macro Adjustments For Reverse Dieting

Cardio Adjustments for Reverse Dieting

Reverse Diet Checklist 

Alcohol Macro Tracker

Learn to Reverse Diet

Self-paced Course

Even if other diets have failed you before, reverse dieting will work for you.

If your friend, daughter, or sister were struggling like you are right now, what would you tell her? Probably something like: You are deserving and worthy.

Stop treating yourself so poorly. You are worthy. You are deserving. And you can do it

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