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Reverse dieting coaching and community for women who are ready to finally feel like themselves again.


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Intro to reverse dieting and food freedom

free webinar!

Catch a free webinar that teaches you what the heck all this metabolism talk is all about.

Metabolism 101

You can have your cake and eat it too.

Reverse dieting and food freedom coaching and community for women who are ready to finally feel like themselves again.

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Dieting is a waste of time, money, and happiness.

[My hot take?] You deserve to fuel your mind and body, and that includes bringing back spicy margaritas and donuts with all the sprinkles. You can heal your metabolism, ditch diet burnout for good… And you don’t even have to pretend that you actually like lettuce buns.

Let’s stop messing around with arbitrary calorie counts that destroy your metabolism in the process. Instead, learn some basic biology hacks, so you can finally feel good again.

(you're not fooling anyone, girl.)

My speciality is reverse dieting and restoring your metabolism to help you lose weight and keep it off… without restrictions.

Life is best lived with a glass of wine in one hand and cake in the other. That’s kind of a weird thing for a health expert to say, right?

You’ll see that we do things differently around here–literally flipping everything you’ve tried before upside down and starting fresh. I dedicate my days to educating and coaching women as they reverse the metabolic damage the big bad diet industry inflicts on too many of us.

The result? You finally lose the weight… The fun way.

Hey, I'm Caitlen!

no, it's not too good to be true!

And if you hang out with me, I’ll show you how my stress-free method can work for you too. I’m protective of my beautiful peaches and truly only want the best for you.


Choose Your Path

Beautiful Peach Mastermind

For women who want to learn how to adjust macros on their own!

A high-accountability/zero-restrictions group program for women stuck in the cycle.

Learn Caitlen's methods on how to reverse diet, heal your metabolism, and what it takes to be your own coach for long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes (including lasting weight loss!). Empower yourself alongside a no-judgment cohort of other women who get it.

Peaches, please!

The Macro Calculator

New to metabolic healing? Start here: An easy-to-use tool and training to take inventory.

Most macro tracking apps forget a major consideration when tallying your day-to-day input and output to calculate your macros: The Human Factor. Aka, who you are as a living, breathing, human being… Wild, right?

The Macro Calculator shows you the current pace of your metabolism and where it should be. You can use this information to guide your next steps, like reverse dieting and starting macros.

Let’s calculate

Reverse Diet Course

So you’ve nailed macros? Take this self-paced course teaching you how to reverse diet.

Massive shifts only happen when you decide to make a change.  Get the exact steps to follow if you want to heal your metabolism and lose weight without the restrictive dieting that’s failed you so far. In approximately 5 weeks, you’ll not only know how to reverse diet successfully and safely, but will make the adjustments needed to hit your goals–and keep the weight off.

Rewind now

Food freedom has entered the chat.

All of my programs give you the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW, so you can heal your metabolism, your relationship with food, and rediscover your love for yourself. While there’s of course a proven method with specific actions to take, we consider your unique journey, health history, and personal lifestyle to help you achieve sustainable results.

Wait… What’s a reverse diet?

The simple version of the science: Everyone’s metabolism has a set point of optimal intake and operation. When you mess with things like shakes, teas, and crash diets, you impact that baseline. Low calories lower the set point, and slow your metabolism, which causes fast weight regain when you eat more than that dangerously low count. Your body, totally shocked, reacts by clinging to the extra weight. It won’t let go.

A reverse diet heals your metabolism and raises your metabolic set point so you can start over. From here, you’re safe to go for healthy, non-restrictive weight loss by focusing on counting macros rather than caloric deficits. Basically, when your set point is high enough for your body, you’ll be able to lose and keep the weight off because your body isn’t in panic mode.

It might sound like a lot, but I promise it’s simple, and I’ll guide you every step of the way.


My beautiful coach-ees have been where you are.

First, you try your seemingly harmless 30-day challenge to get motivated. No carbs. No sugar. No fun. All restrictions, but it’s just a few weeks, right? Yuck. Fast forward to years later, you’re stuck way down the yoyo diet path with nothing to show for it except weight gain and loss that fluctuates to match the latest fad you get caught up in.

Plus all-consuming anxiety around food. It literally controls your life.

unpopular opinion...

You are not the problem.

You don’t have a sugar addiction if you think about picking up donuts on the regular… That stuff is tasty and you’re crazy if you think otherwise.

You shouldn’t have to count down the seconds until your fast is over… This kind of stressful tracking stops you from living in the moment anyways.

You deserve to have your cake and eat it too… Without shame or guilt. No more crushing an entire sleeve of oreos in ~60 seconds when no one is looking.

Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools of success, and when you have guided support to keep you accountable too, anything is possible.

show me how

Intro to reverse dieting and food freedom

free webinar!

Catch a free webinar that teaches you what the heck all this metabolism talk is all about.

Metabolism 101

Totally overwhelmed? This free training covers my unique method and top secrets to ditch diet mentality and lose weight… All while keeping your go-to pizza on the fun rotation. Trust me: You’re not the problem, and that the pizza delivery guy isn’t guilty either.

Real talk to restore your metabolism and lose weight, binge, diet, and restriction free.

Stop Googling for answers, and get raw, scientifically-backed advice you need from yours truly. Not only did I actually get a Masters in this stuff, but I’ve lived the crash and burn cycle myself, and work with women just like you every day.

Tune in for weekly episodes covering all things macros, metabolism, motivation, and more.

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