Lasting weight loss is a simple numbers game.

The CSchmidt Fitness Macro Calculator and Mini Course has helped over 1,739 determined women take action to transform their health journey and find food freedom. If you’re new to macros, this is the perfect place to start.

Track macros to free yourself from food anxiety.



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It’s not your fault that you’re not losing weight.

So many people get stuck in diet industry scams. You don’t see the weight loss progress you want because you’re making mistakes like these…

The good news is that with guidance, you can heal your metabolism, lose weight, and get back to living life because you finally feel good again. It all starts with macros, and the CSchmidt Macro Calculator is an amazing tool if you’re new to this stuff.

Restricting yourself too much, which damages your metabolism and causes weight regain. It also often leads to restrict-binge cycles.

Not eating carbs or fat. Despite what the Keto pushers promise, this is a fast track to weight regain.

Counting calories instead of macros. You put yourself in restrictive deficits that aren’t specific to your Human Factor, my term for your unique metabolic data and health history that MyFitnesssPal type generated calculators can’t take into account.

What’s the CSchmidt Fitness Macro Calculator all about?

This isn’t a trending diet or a meal replacement money pit that just leaves you craving real food while you wait for it to “start working.”

It’s a data-driven and science-backed approach design to help you:

  • Learn if you have a slow metabolism and how to set a strong foundation.
  • Lose weight… And keep it off without looming fear of regaining it.
  • Eat guilt-free fun foods (and keep your alcohol!) every day if you want to.

The CSchmidt Macro Calculator is simple biology combined with basic math that anyone can use when they have guidance. So let’s skip the messy Googling trying to figure it out on your own and get straight to the point.

peachy results:

My speciality is reverse dieting and restoring your metabolism to help you lose weight and keep it off… without restrictions.

Life is best lived with a glass of wine in one hand and cake in the other. That’s kind of a weird thing for a health expert to say, right?

You’ll see that we do things differently around here–literally flipping everything you’ve tried before upside down and starting fresh. I dedicate my days to educating and coaching women as they reverse the metabolic damage the big bad diet industry inflicts on too many of us.

The result? You finally lose the weight… The fun way.

Hey, I'm Caitlen!

no, it's not too good to be true!

And if you hang out with me, I’ll show you how my stress-free method can work for you too. I’m protective of my beautiful peaches and truly only want the best for you.


Counting macros helped me finally feel good in my body without restrictive dieting, but that’s not the only reason why I’m qualified to guide you through your weight loss journey.

I’m not like other “coaches” you see online–I actually studied this stuff. I’m kind of a geek and like to collect knowledge.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics

Masters Degree in Exercise Science & Sport Nutrition


What are macros, 

“Macros” is the shortened term for macronutrients, which is the overall category for protein, carbs, and fat. Fun fact: ALL food and drinks are made up of protein, carbs, and fat. So when you eat food, you’re eating these categories. Tracking macros is just tracking protein, carbs, and fat while you eat the food you love–all foods are fair game here.

The CSchmidt Macro Calculator shows you how to track macros specific for your body, which is the crucial first step if you want to try things like reverse dieting.


peachy results:

The CSchmidt Macro Calculator is my go-to foundational tool for every woman who wants to start their journey into reverse dieting.

When you grab the calculator, you’ll have everything you need to change your trajectory and get started walking this new restriction-free path.

You get immediate access to all this good stuff…

Aka, your unique numbers that take your Human Factor into account–not some arbitrary advice to cut down to 1,200 calories a day. These macros will work for you no matter how much weight you want to lose, or how active you want to be.

Customized Starting Macros

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Learn your way around a macro tracking app with easy-to-follow training videos. You get to watch your progress in real time, which is pretty exciting.

Tracking App Trainings

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Steal the exact templates that I use with my private clients and learn how to implement them for yourself to see accelerated results. The CSchmidt Macro Calculator includes 3 downloadable spreadsheets, peek at steps 1-5 below for more!

Personal Coaching Templates

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Talk math to me, baby.

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Step 1:

Calculate your current metabolic rate.

You start by using the Metabolic Health Spreadsheet to determine your metabolic baseline, and use this as a foundation to build from. Do you have a slow metabolism? Where does your metabolism need to be? Let’s find out! Without this step, you won’t have clarity on the next steps of what your macros need to be.

Step 2:

Calculate your golden number for protein.

 The top miscalculated macronutrient that’s also the most important for muscle growth. You have a special number, and the Macro Calculator helps you find it. Once you have determined your metabolic health, you can use the Macro Calculating Spreadsheet to pinpoint precisely what your individual number should be.

Step 3:

Calculate your carbs and fat for the perfect macros custom to you!

Carbs and fat don’t make you fat. Once you have your  your protein goals, it is time to pinpoint the appropriate amounts of carbs and fat to support weight loss (that stays off), a healthy metabolism, and a strong immune system. No more feeling yucky.

Step 4:

Stop yoyo dieting and ditch the restrict-binge cycle.

You can have it all and lose weight if you understand how to live within your custom macros. Say goodbye to guilt and hello to food freedom.

Step 5:

Plan around your lifestyle.

Where you are as a person matters if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Spreadsheet #3 considers your goals, your lifestyle, your health history, and more for safe and sustainable weight loss.

Take inventory for a personalized action plan.

Maybe you’ve stumbled across free macro templates and advice on the internet that only use your height, weight, and age to calculate your macros before. But none of that considers your unique Human Factor - aka your unique metabolic data that an automated generator or app can’t read. They take your information and spit out random numbers without knowing anything about your lifestyle or health history. You trust these, start counting, but don’t see results because you were led in the wrong direction from the beginning.

stop wasting your time

Every human being has different macros and a different metabolism. That’s why those free versions online don’t work. The CSchmidt Macro Calculator is an easy-to-use, credible tool that is designed to help you identify your personal baseline, and determine your unique numbers.

Stop guessing and free yourself from food guilt.

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