It’s time to ditch restricting, binging, and food guilt forever.

A transformative, 4 month program that takes an innovative approach to health and fitness—giving you the tools and knowledge needed to hit your body and mindset goals today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now WITHOUT sacrificing your favorite foods or obsessing over calories.

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Because you know what you want—and I’ll teach you exactly how to get it. (chocolate + wine are 100% allowed and encouraged!)

You need the one program that actually works (and that’s a promise)

BPM Is The Last Program You’ll Ever Need 

We’ve all been there—program and diet hopping (hello unsustainable results), convinced our “perfect solution” just hasn’t been found yet or maybe we just need to try harder, cut more calories, or workout longer. Or maybe you’ve worked with a coach who promised results as long as you kept paying *cue the neverending credit card swipes*

It’s exhausting, expensive, and frustrating, right?

Good news, gal! Beautiful Peach Mastermind is the exact opposite of everything you’ve already tried. Instead of forcing you to continuously rely on a coach to meet your fitness goals, you’re learning everything the experts know (it me 🙋‍♀️) so that you can apply it to your life and make it work for you long-term.

You’re jumping into the driver’s seat and mastering exactly how to eat and move to meet whatever health and body goals you have! So that you can gain unshakeable confidence, do the things you’ve always wanted to do, eat real food you LOVE, and truly live your life to the fullest. 

And the juicier peach and rocking bod you’ll get along the way are just the icing on the cake!

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Hey Peach—Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Food seems to control your mind 24/7—you’re either planning what to eat, stressing about what to eat, or feeling guilty over what you already ate

You understand the basics of eating healthy, but you’re not really sure what that looks like for your specific goals, metabolism, and lifestyle

You already do all the “right” things—shop at Trader Joes, walk whenever you can, try to limit your sweets—but you still can’t seem to lose the weight 

You’ve tried tons of diets and workout plans but always end up exhausted and right back where you started (sometimes worse!)

You want to feel alive—like truly ALIVE—but your fear around food and anxiety about your body are holding you back from being fully present in your life

If you’re nodding your head, I seriously wish I could squeeze you and let you know that you are NOT the problem—the terrible advice from the dieting world is!

Everything you’re feeling right now is something I know all too well, and let’s not sugarcoat it, it SUCKS.

But my gal, I promise you it’s possible to heal your metabolism once and for all, lose weight without restriction, and fall in love with your body again. And you might even be shocked at how enjoyable it is to do (no extreme restriction or hours of cardio necessary)!

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BPM Isn’t An Overnight Fix 

You’ll have to show up and put in the work. But when you do, you’ll find…

✔️ A sustainable lifestyle that allows you to get your body and mind where you want them and KEEP them there (because you deserve more than a Band Aid solution)

✔️ An exercise routine that feels good for your body (and schedule!)

✔️ A community of women who seriously SHOW UP for each other every single day (you won’t be going on this journey alone my gal!)

✔️ Food freedom—where food no longer controls your every waking hour and you actually like to eat (because you no longer feel guilty or shameful about what you’re putting in your body)

Katie L. - VIP BPM

Alexis C.

Jasmin G.


Because Here’s What I Know For Sure

You Deserve to:

→ Chase your kids around the backyard without getting tired or having to rest
→ Confidently get back into the dating world or even spice things up with your significant other because you love the way you look (with and without clothes)
→ Feel worthy again and really truly feel it in your bones
→ Stop hiding your body and start confidently wearing that sexy bathing suit or sundress
→ Go to dinner, weddings, happy hours, or even just solo nights out and not stress over what you’re eating or how you’ll track it
→ Live your life to the absolute fullest—whether that’s taking the dream trip, climbing a mountain, skydiving, or simply having the energy to hang with your kiddos and actually keep up
→ Take your kids or best friend to ice cream and enjoy your scoop without internally panicking the entire time
→ Get your life back and leave the diet, binge, guilt cycle behind for good

This is about                           than food or losing weight.

It’s about gaining the confidence to go after what you want in life, showing up fully for yourself and the people you love, and creating a lifestyle that fuels you—in every stage of life.

So what do you say my gal? You in?

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so much more

“This Sounds Great But I’ve Heard It All Before…”

Trust me, I get it! The dieting industry is really good at feeding us false information and making you feel like YOU’RE the problem. So I don’t blame you if you’re a little hesitant. But here’s what makes BPM different—we’re not dieting, we’re reverse dieting (if you haven’t heard of reverse dieting, don’t worry—you will soon). 

Instead of cutting out all of the yummy foods that bring you joy, you’re learning how to fit them into your life while still reaching your weight goals. Instead of working out for hours and hours a day, doing exercise you don’t even like, you’re finding forms of movement that feel good for your body. And instead of obsessing over calories—freaking out every time you feel out of control—we’re using science-backed methods to heal your metabolism and help you feel incredibly strong and healthy WITHOUT obsessing.

Plus, you’re getting access to my toolbox of resources that will make this process a whole heck of a lot easier AND a community of the coolest, most encouraging women I know.

BPM is different.

And I can’t wait for you to see how!

You need to eat 1,200 calories or less to lose weight.

What the Diet Industry Tells You:

Everyone’s metabolism is different! But no one (besides maybe a toddler) should only be eating 1200 calories per day!

What's Actually True:

Carbs are the enemy and the reason you can’t shed those pesky pounds.

Your body LOVES and NEEDS carbs! Especially when exercising. Demonizing a specific food group is a sure path to food guilt (and let’s be serious, bread is delicious).

Endless cardio is the answer to weight loss and toning up.

You deserve to move how you want to. Whether that’s running, weight lifting, dancing, doing yoga, or going on hikes! It’s all about balance and finding an exercise routine that works with your life.

You shouldn’t eat before bed.

Eating before bed can actually increase muscle growth & recovery.

Eating sugar makes you gain weight.

Sugar isn’t the enemy! You can 100% indulge your sweet tooth without gaining weight (it’s called moderation and sticking to the plan).

But First — Let’s Bust A Few Myths

Let’s collectively break up with diet culture for good now, okay?


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Because I've Been There....

how do i know?

Let me take you back to my freshman year of college. I was studying to become a dentist (grueling schedule!), and yet the majority of my time and energy was spent overexercising, stressing about food, obsessing over calories, and battling a tonnnnn of food guilt. 

I’d been burned big time by diets and coaches before so when sophomore year came around and I was introduced to a reverse dieting coach, I was understandably hesitant and skeptical. But I was desperate to “find the right answer,” so I went with my gut and trusted her. And thank goodness I did because her way of approaching food and fitness completely changed my life!

So much so that I changed my major to nutrition and dietetics, became a NASM certified personal trainer, got a master’s in exercise science and sports nutrition where I wrote my masters thesis on reverse dieting (like the nerd I am), and started my nutrition and fitness business. Needless to say, I was hooked. 

What did I learn that led me to change the entire course of my life? Reverse dieting and macros! An approach to food that actually heals your metabolism and supports you in ALL PHASES OF LIFE and fitness! The best part? You don’t have to cut out a single food you love (no seriously, I once ate ice cream every night for an entire year!). 

What I’m saying is that I see you and I know how you’re feeling right now—overwhelmed, depleted, confused, frustrated, and exhausted. But this science genuinely changed my life…for the REST of my life. And I want nothing else than to help it change yours.


(Clemson University—GO Tigers)


Master’s DEGREE IN Exercise Science & Sports Nutrition

(Concordia University Chicago—GO Cougars!)


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

An education backed  program to start healing your metabolism, building your dream body, feeling the best you ever have, and ditch food guilt for good.

What Exactly Is BPM?

Beautiful Peach Mastermind IS

✔️ A science-backed approach to healing your metabolism and fueling your body with yummy foods and feel-good workouts 

✔️ A community where you’ll have the support and accountability from Caitlen and her rock star educated Team CSchmidt coaches, and of course, the many other women on the same journey along with you

✔️ A lifelong, sustainable lifestyle that will support your body goals today, tomorrow, and ten years from now

But let’s cover what BPM is NOT

✖️ Another fad dieting trend that will destroy your metabolism and leave you hungry and hurting (looking at you Keto)

✖️ A do-it-yourself course where you’ll be handed resources and told to figure it out on your own (tbh, the other coaches and I would never let this happen because we’re checking in on you all the dang time!!)

✖️ A quick weight loss fix that will work today but fail tomorrow

You want accountability? We’ve got it! In BPM, you get access to the private BPM only group community through the Slack app. We share information to help you become the queen of your metabolism, tips to create sustainable results, tools for your success, and much more everyday. This group is a determined, motivated, positive group of women who will completely change their life. Trust, it’s a lot of happy screenshots, uploads of donut pics, and transformation after photos!

Private Group Community

Inside, you'll find;

You get access to The CSchmidt Fitness Academy, the course that is LOADED with all of my personal coaching templates. Get CLEAR Get step-by-step tips for how to reverse diet, lose weight in a safe calorie deficit, and adjust your macros for any and every goal! We cover your mindset AND your body. In order to be truly free, we dive into your mental and physical transformation. You'll only be able to maintain your progress if you understand both.

 access to The CSchmidt Fitness Academy Course!

Hop on these group video coaching calls to ensure you’re reaching your goals! These will be hosted both by me and a handful of incredible guest experts on topics ranging from gut health to cycle syncing to mindset to workouts to mastering macros and more! We will have one live call per month and if you can’t attend, no sweat! They’re recorded and available for replay at any time.

Group Video Coaching Calls

Accountability is KEY when making a sustainable change. That’s why you’re getting weekly check in’s every week to adjust your macros as needed and make sure you are reaching your goals.

Weekly Check-Ins

I want to make sure you learn as much as you possibly can in BPM and grow not only physically, but mentally as well. I have created an epic starter package to get you started the SECOND you officially join BPM so you can get your custom macros, dive into having a sustainable life, and start reaching your goals without anymore delay.

Mastermind Welcome Package

Woot woot! As a BPM gal pal, you’re getting access to so much more than this program. You’re also getting access to all of my courses AND the workouts inside of The Peaches Workout App for the duration of BPM. So you can enjoy your workouts again and spice things up whenever you want! Plus, at the beginning of BPM, we’ll go over your current workout game plan in Slack and create one that fits your lifestyle and goals even better! Because the best workout plan is one that’s sustainable for life.


Psst: This is just a sneak peek—there’s so much more in store but I didn’t want this page to turn into your new favorite novel (sorry Colleen Hoover, it’s our turn)

BPM is set up so that each week of learning builds upon the previous one. For example, what you learn in week 2 will set you up to better understand and utilize what you learn in week 3. Most of your learning will take place via the course video trainings but you’ll also get tons and tons of downloads, spreadsheets, checklists, and additional resources along with access to our private BPM-only Slack.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect each week!

And Here’s What We’re Covering

Module 1

During this first week you’ll learn how to…

  • Track macros when eating out and eating yummy foods that don’t come with nutrition labels (*cough* cupcakes *cough*)
  • Create a workout routine that fits YOUR life and feels really really good
  • You’ll also get access to downloadable workouts (these are in addition to the Peaches workout app workouts) 
  • Use a food scale and properly read nutrition labels 

Module 2

This module is all about learning the foundational basics of reverse dieting and macros—we’ll cover…

  • All things proteins, carbs, and fats and what role each plays in healing your metabolism 
  • Which supplements are worth keeping around and which belong in the trash ASAP
  • How to handle carb increases as you reverse diet so that your metabolism adapts in the best way possible
  • And you’ll get access to the coveted Reverse Diet Checklist—a download that explains when TO adjust macros and when NOT to (so you’re never stuck scratching your head)

Module 3

This is when things start to really get exciting and sweet! Together, we’re working through…

  • How to track alcohol the easy way (with a plug-and-play tracker you can use ANYWHERE)
  • How to handle the fear of being judged by others, and what steps to take to begin rebuilding your self-love and confidence (because holy guacamole is this part important)
  • Creating daily routines that support your goals and lifestyle while reducing stress (can I get an amen???)

Module 4

I’ll be honest with you…this module ALONE is worth joining BPM for, because…

  • I’m handing over my ridiculously in-depth reverse dieting template that holds *literally* all of my knowledge in one spreadsheet—if I know it, you will you too after this
  • We’re talking about who we surround ourselves with and why our circle (both near and far) can impact us not only mentally but physically as well

Module 5

Ready to take your learning to the real word? Good! Because in this module you’re mastering…

  • How to create your own meal plan that fits YOUR macros, goals, lifestyle, and preferences (because I only want you eating what you love)
  • How to time your meals for maximum muscle growth and recovery
  • Tactics for overcoming the “good food” “bad food” mentality that so many of us struggle with and how we can begin repairing our relationship with food as fuel

Module 6

Get your notebooks ready because we’re diving face-first into…

  • How we can ditch the binge cycle for GOOD this time
  • Learning how to do a HEALTHY mini-cut when we feel like our progress is stalling
  • When and when not to conduct a mini-cut while reverse dieting (along with HOW to do it in a way that won't cause metabolic damage)

Module 7

This week we cover some topics that are super duper important to learn and be aware of for sustainable, long-term success…

  • How to do a full calorie deficit (different than a mini-cut) WITHOUT harming your metabolism or going full-blown diet mode
  • When to STOP your calorie deficit so that your body and metabolism aren’t upset with you
  • How to track macros without getting overly obsessed and overwhelmed (this one is especially for my fellow perfectionists who feel like 1 gram off is an epic failure)

Module 8

For your last educational week, we’re closing some learning loops and covering…

  • How to lean bulk (so you can build muscle without gaining fat)
  • The difference between intuitive eating days and free meals when lean bulking
  • How to properly adjust your protein intake when going from reverse dieting into a calorie deficit and vice versa (tbh, you’re learning how to tackle your protein intake regardless of what your goal is)

Module 9

Ready to say goodbye? Me either! So we’ll call this your “see ya later” week and end by answering any/all of your questions and making sure you’re completely set up for success.

A Spicy Bonus Workout Module: Who doesn’t love a good free bonus?! Even though you’re getting TONS of workouts in the Peaches App, I’m giving you a few more just for fun (in honor of that beautiful, juicy peach you’re growing)

Sound like something you’re down for?! Can’t wait to see you inside!

I’ve got answers!

Have Some Questions?

As long as you would like! BPM is a 2-month initial commitment!

After the initial 2-months, we will continue coaching at a monthly reduced rate for as long as you would like! All you need to do when you are ready to wrap up is send my team a 2 week notice of cancelation!
Great question! I intentionally set BPM up so that women join in groups—creating a tight-knit community for support and accountability. What’s really cool about this setup is that the women who joined before you take on a “big sister” role—supporting you from one step ahead. And when the next round joins, you get to do the same for them! And honestly…I’m SO EXCITED about the women in this upcoming group!
That is a FAB question! And the short answer is…it depends. Everyone will see progress, but depending on your metabolism, history, and an assortment of other factors, there’s no one-size fits all answer.  

However, as soon as you enroll you get access to the Mastermind Welcome Package. Inside you’ll find a bunch of starting goodies that you can fill out and send over to me ASAP. This will help me identify exactly what’s going on with your metabolism and map out your customized next steps to start seeing results as quickly (and healthily) as possible.

Trust me—I want you to see progress just as much as you do! Your success is WILDLY important to me!

Due to confidentiality and the personal requests of some of my clients, I don’t share a ton of progress photos on my website or socials! However, I work often with women looking to lose 50-100 pounds and we’re able to achieve that together! All goals are welcome here.
I’m BIG on personalized workout plans—a lot of coaches will tell you when to workout, for how long, and how many times per week without taking into consideration your lifestyle, schedule, or let’s be honest—how much you WANT to work out.

Instead, I like to have a conversation with you at the beginning of BPM to determine what feels best for you. So if you love something specific, that’s what we’re going to do! And if there are other workouts you want to do, that’s perfectly fine with me.

Regardless of your workout style, you’ll get access to The Macro Membership app (my workout app) for FREE. (You’ll love and hate me at the same time with the workouts 😂) You don’t have to do them, but I do encourage you to at least try them.

*pours a glass of red* YES YES YES AND YES!

BPM is all about creating healthy habits that fit into your life. And if you’re a gal who loves a glass of red or a bowl of ice cream after a long day, I’m here for it! 

A huge piece that’s missing from the diet industry is teaching women how to eat and drink what they love without feeling an ounce of guilt or shame. I’m here to help you heal your relationship with food and feel confident about your eating decisions regardless of if it’s a salad or a bag of chips.

Can I come?😂 No but seriously, I WANT you to travel and go out to eat while in BPM so I can help you learn to navigate those waters confidently! You should be living your life to the absolute fullest—eating out, traveling to cool places, going to weddings, all of the things! 

After BPM, you’ll feel 100% confident going into any situation, knowing you have the tools and knowledge to make those meals fit into your goals, sans guilt.

No ma’am. You will not be receiving a rigid meal plan telling you exactly what to eat every single day. Instead, you’ll learn how to plan your meals—at home, traveling, at restaurants—to fit into your macros. I find that getting too specific and rigid around meals is not only overwhelming and boring, but it can also hold us back from truly living our best lives. And tbh, I don’t want that for you!
The Reverse Diet Course (RDC) is included in BPM!

BPM includes all of my courses and The Macro Membership so that you can learn exactly how to reverse diet and continue your growth long-term. You’ll be able to approach calorie deficits properly to lose weight without massive restrictions, lean bulk if that’s your thing, and eat 100% intuitively down the road.

Basically, if it includes healing your metabolism and reaching your body goals, you’ll have the tools to do that.

Pregnant mommas have several different specialties that will need to be taken into account so I recommend going to a macro pregnancy coach! 
Absolutely! Keep scrolling :)

There’s Just                        Left For You Beautiful Peach!

Are you ready to join the last fitness program you’ll ever need and officially break up with the diet, restrict, binge, and guilt cycle for good?

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