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Episode 122: 3 Tips to Stop Ruining Your Progress Every Weekend

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Hello, my lovely listeners! Today, we’re going to discuss my top three tips for preventing weekend habits from undermining your progress. This is an exciting topic! I want to explore how you can maintain your progress over the weekend.

Many of us work hard during the week, stay on track, only to let loose over the weekend. This pattern, which I’ve also experienced, can become a damaging cycle. It’s similar to the restrict-binge cycle, where we limit our intake during the week to lose weight, knowing we might overindulge on the weekend. And when we do, we feel guilty on Monday and feel the need to “start over”.

I want to share my favorite tips, which helped me break this cycle. Now, I can enjoy my weekends without guilt. I love eating out and waking up on Monday feeling great. I believe if we’re constantly thinking about food, guilt, and stressing about our bodies, it robs us of quality time with friends and family, and even hinders our progress.

Let’s dive into the three tips to stop ruining your progress every weekend.

I absolutely love weekends. It’s my time to disconnect from work, recharge, and prepare to serve my clients with full energy on Monday. However, I used to feel anxious about my weekend plans, especially about dining out. I’d attempt to restrict my intake during the week in anticipation of weekend indulgences, which was neither necessary nor sustainable.

The diets I used to follow made me feel guilty for eating anything considered “bad”, leading me to label certain foods as off-limits. For instance, carbs, fats, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods were all considered “bad”. This perception, heavily influenced by diet culture, can lead to unhealthy eating habits. The key is moderation, balancing nutrient-dense foods with those that are less so.

Here are my three favorite tips to break the “start-over” cycle:

  1. Track macros, but do it correctly. Tracking macros refers to monitoring your intake of proteins, carbs, and fats. It’s essential to ensure that these figures are accurate and suitable for your metabolic needs. The right approach to tracking macros involves not restricting but including foods you love in your diet. When you have the correct macros, you can fit in non-nutrient-dense foods into your diet and still stay on track with your goals.
  2. Learn to track macros in real-world settings. Most diets dictate what foods you can or cannot consume, leading to avoidance of certain foods. It’s important to learn how to navigate real-world scenarios like dinners out, weekend trips, holidays, and potlucks while maintaining your macro tracking.

These tips have transformed my life, and I hope they can do the same for you. Remember, the key to long-term results is owning up to your potential, stepping forward, problem-solving, and finding a solution. With the right mindset and tools, you can achieve your goals while enjoying life to the fullest.

I hope you found this episode helpful. Thanks for tuning in!

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