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Episode 117: Why Your Macros Are Not Working For You

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Hello, my beautiful peaches! I’m thrilled about today’s episode. We’re going to delve into why simply eating healthily might not be helping you lose weight and may even cause you to plateau. It’s mind-blowing when I explain why people aren’t seeing changes despite their healthy eating habits.

Even when consuming nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, and fiber, some people still experience weight regain. Today, we’ll discuss why focusing solely on eating healthily can sometimes lead to weight gain. We’ll also redefine the term “healthy” and explore why eating “healthy” might be the root of the problem.

I’ve recently moved into a new home and office space, which has been a bit exhausting. Nevertheless, I’m excited to dive into the episode: Why just eating healthy isn’t helping you lose weight.

Defining the term “healthy” is essential to understand this episode fully. Different people have different ideas about what being healthy means. To some, it might mean avoiding desserts or opting for a salad over a chicken sandwich. For others, it might mean feeling good in their body and making sure it’s properly nourished.

In the past, I defined “healthy” by following what the diet industry prescribed, which often meant eating low-calorie foods, skipping sugar, and avoiding carbs. But this is a common mindset that can lead to confusion and frustration.

The diet world is not always the healthiest place. It doesn’t necessarily promote sustainable, nutrient-rich eating. Through a decade of personal healing and professional experience, I’ve adopted a different definition of “healthy” that includes eating carbs, sugar, and enjoying the occasional glass of wine or piece of chocolate.

However, even with this healthier mindset, plateaus and weight regain can occur, leading to confusion. Let’s explore two scenarios: the diet scenario, where the focus is on cutting out food groups, and the nutrient-dense scenario, which emphasizes balanced, nutrient-rich eating.

In the diet scenario, fear around certain foods causes restrictions. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies, lower libido, irregular sleep cycles, and loss of menstrual periods.

In contrast, the nutrient-dense scenario includes all food types, promoting a more balanced lifestyle. However, both these scenarios can still cause weight plateaus or regain, creating confusion despite the healthy eating efforts.

The key to resolving this lies in redefining “healthy” and understanding that it involves more than just the types of food we eat. It’s about fueling our bodies adequately, maintaining balance, and rejecting the restrictive mindset promoted by the diet industry.

This journey may require time and patience, but the result is a healthier, happier life, free from the constraints of dieting.

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