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Episode 114: Why You Should Not Use MyFitnessPal To Calculate Macros

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3, 2, 1. Hello, my beautiful peach. Today, we are discussing why you should not use MyFitnessPal to calculate your macros. I’ve touched on this topic on my Instagram previously, but haven’t revisited it recently. Many people have reached out to me, saying their trainers have directed them to MyFitnessPal, or they’ve adjusted their macros on MyFitnessPal or similar apps, like Pneuma or My Macros Plus.

These apps generate macros based on height, weight, age, and activity level. However, they often recommend a calorie intake around 1200 calories, which can be restrictive. There are typically two scenarios when using these apps. The first is when you’ve already been restricting your intake. The recommended calorie intake from the app won’t make any difference if you’re already consuming that amount. The second scenario is when the app recommends an intake higher than your current one. This can result in weight regain due to a slower metabolism from years of dieting.

It’s important to understand that your metabolism needs attention, especially if you’ve been dieting for a while. Apps like MyFitnessPal don’t consider your metabolism’s current state or where it needs to be.

If you haven’t been restricting your intake and you use MyFitnessPal, the app may recommend a very low calorie intake. This might result in rapid weight loss initially, but your body will eventually react negatively. Quick fixes often lead to long-term problems. You might experience weight regain, binge eating, and a cycle of restricting and binging followed by guilt.

The key is to have your macros calculated based on your unique metabolic data and health history. This is why I’ve developed the Macro Calculator, a mini-course that guides you on how to calculate your macros properly, taking into consideration your protein, fat, and carb intake.

Remember, it’s essential to get your information from educated sources. Make sure you’re not just typing in your height, weight, age, and activity factor to calculate your macros. You need a personalized approach that takes into account your human factor.

Thank you for listening, and I’ll see you in the next episode. Bye, my beautiful peach.

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