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Episode 103: 8 Unexpected Benefits of Reverse Dieting

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Love is up. My beautiful, beautiful P Chad’s. Today, we will discuss the eight unexpected benefits of reverse dieting. I am super excited about this, so let’s dive right in and enjoy the episode.

Pause for music.

Eight Unexpected Benefits of Reverse Dieting

When we think about a slow metabolism, it’s important to understand why it occurs. Long-term dieting leads to various negative effects on our bodies, which I like to call “unseen diet receipts.” These effects include a slowed metabolism, weight regain, low libido, low energy, disruption to our sleep-wake cycle, and restricted binge cycles. However, these negative outcomes are not immediately visible, which is why many people continue with yo-yo dieting. They chase unrealistic instant gratification without considering long-term solutions.

Eventually, we reach a point where we realize that sustaining an unsustainable diet is doing more harm than good. This realization often leads us to explore alternative approaches, such as tracking macros instead of dieting, to achieve long-term changes. In the process, we start to reverse the negative effects of our previous diets and return the items on our unseen receipt.

In this episode, I will discuss eight unexpected and epic results that come from reverse dieting. These are the things we give back to the diet world, saying “nope, sorry, return, I don’t want this.” So let’s dive into these eight benefits that are truly amazing and unexpected.

But before we continue, I want to clarify that reverse dieting is a slow and steady process. It’s important to shift away from quick fixes and embrace sustainable changes. I highly recommend reading the book “The Compound Effect” to learn more about this mindset.

Now, let’s move on to the first benefit: weight loss that stays off. When we diet, our metabolism slows down due to metabolic adaptation. This means that our metabolism adapts to a lower calorie intake, resulting in weight regain when we consume more than the restricted amount. However, through strategic reverse dieting, we can gradually increase our calorie intake without experiencing weight regain. This allows us to achieve sustainable and long-term weight loss.

I want to share a success story from one of my clients in BPM. She reversed her intake by around 900 calories and achieved incredible results. She not only lost weight but also experienced remarkable personal growth. Her journey is a testament to the power of reverse dieting.

The second benefit is overcoming binge eating. Restrictive eating often leads to binge eating behaviors. When we feel deprived, we tend to crave the foods we have labeled as “bad.” This can result in uncontrollable binges. However, by gradually increasing our food intake through reverse dieting, we can break free from the cycle of restriction and bingeing. It helps us heal our relationship with food and develop a healthier mindset.

I want to highlight another inspiring story from a BPM client who no longer struggles with binge eating. She recently shared her experience of not feeling the urge to binge on trigger foods anymore. It’s truly incredible to witness this transformation.

The third benefit is regulated periods. It’s important to consult with your doctor if you have any concerns, but it’s worth noting that reverse dieting can help regulate menstrual cycles. When we are in a state of low intake, our periods can become irregular or even stop. By healing our metabolism and gradually increasing our food intake, we can restore hormonal balance and experience regular periods.

The fourth benefit is increased energy. Food is fuel, and when we fuel our bodies adequately, we have more energy. Increasing our macros, specifically carbohydrates, through reverse dieting allows our metabolism to function optimally. This leads to improved energy levels both inside and outside the gym.

I have witnessed the positive impact of reverse dieting on my clients. They have reported having more energy, improved sleep patterns, and better overall performance.

I will continue discussing the remaining four benefits in the next episode. Stay tuned for more exciting insights on reverse dieting.

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