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Macros & Motivation Beautiful Peach Podcast Ep 3: Tracking Macros, Flexible Eating, and Deep Dive Into Protein, Carbs & Fat

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In today’s episode if you are someone who really wants to understand why macros are so important and what the heck they are!! I am going to be diving deep into protein, carbs, and fat – their importance for the human body and why cutting out carbs and fat may not be the best idea. I am even going to dive a little into why fats have been known to be bad and debunk that a little as well!

I am going to teach you peachy gals a few things that I have learned in my masters degree! This information is coming from actual research and papers I have written during my masters degree! Let’s dive in!

Times to Check Out:

(2:21) How I learned about Macros

(4:33) Fun secret Margarita mix tip

(6:17) The importance in protein, carbs and fat

(14:01) Neat and intentional energy and what’s the difference

(18:02) Carbs and how they affect our energy

(23:09) My Macro calculator and how it can help

(23:36) Why fat is so important

(38:21) Protein is absolutely necessary for muscle growth and recovery!!


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