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Macros & Motivation Beautiful Peach Podcast Ep 12: You WILL Plateau if you don’t adjust Macros weekly

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In today’s episode we will cover why tracking and cutting calories doesn’t help you lose weight and how this method can cause you to plateau. Once you hit this plateau, it won’t matter how healthy you eat, how many times you go to the gym, or how much you cut out sugar, you’ll struggle to see progress. Then we will talk about if your Macros are actually right for you and why adjusting them is so important. 

Times to Check Out:

(4:15) What happens when you are just tracking calories

(8:12) If you are feeling tired you may not be getting enough carbs

(10:40) For endless progress you have to adjust your Macros!

(13:12) Action steps so you know how to keep progressing and fits your lifestyle

(14:40) Our body is going to stall if we stick with the same set of Macros

(17:35) Progress is slow…

(20:10) Continually adjust your Macros and when

(23:11) Get ultimate freedom, get results, and learn the lifestyle


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