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Macros & Motivation Beautiful Peach Podcast Ep 14: Macro Mindset With Jill Steinnagel

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In today’s episode we chat with Jill Steinnagel and her Macro mindset. Jill’s background is in fitness and bodybuilding along with coaching. Jill works with people on how to shift your mindset and create the life you love. She is going to teach you a few of her secrets

Times to Check Out:

(5:02) What is a paradigm

(8:45) How shifting your mindset can be a game changer

(15:45) Become who you want to be mentally before you get there physically

(19:05) Create beliefs and actions for goals in your life

(23:00) Macros have your back

(26:02) Tell yourself out loud what if feels like to be the person you want to be

(28:30) Setting a morning routine that works for you


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