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Macros & Motivation Beautiful Peach Podcast Ep 15: Why You Are Not Seeing Results In The Gym

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Ep 15: Why You Are Not Seeing Results In The Gym

In today’s episode I share with you one of my most favorite workouts and all the secrets about why you are not seeing results in the gym. I’ll talk about how to get your motivation back and get you excited about going to the gym. We will talk about how to change your mindset and why it works. 

Times to Check Out:

(4:16) Behind the Scenes of my workouts

(6:05) I was not motivated to go to the gym

(11:07) Motivation comes and goes

(16:45) Visualizing the positive outcomes

(18:46) Change your mindset to “i get to…”

(21:00) My new app that gives you new workouts every week

(31:12) How to get weekly macro adjustments


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