A sustainable-and-enjoyable nutrition program that fits your lifestyle.

A customized month-to-month coaching program to help you Accelerate your progress, remove the endless fat loss guessing game, and help you create the confidence and love for your body that you desire (and deserve).


(not the other way around)

You are not just a number to the diet industry here!


You’re Ready To Put In The Work

Let me guess—your health is a top priority, and you’re constantly looking for ways to improve it. Matter of fact, you’ve tried it all—researching “healthy recipes,” meal prepping, following Instagram fitness accounts to copy their workouts, tracking your steps, cutting calories…

And yet, nothing gets you where you’re trying to go: a stronger body, a healthier mind, more confidence. You end up feeling like a failure and vow to “give it another go” next week when you have more energy to craft a plan…then next thing you know 9 months have passed, and still, nothing’s changed (not even the whole “I’ll give it another go soon”).

But here’s the thing—life is already chock full of responsibilities, decision-making, and planning. You don’t need yet another *thing* to add to the mental load. You’re willing to put in the work, but you’d love it if someone else just told you exactly what to do—both in the kitchen and in the gym.

This is THAT plan. Fully customized to fit your lifestyle and goals. All you’ve got to do is show up and do the work.

All you need is the right plan

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A Few Words Of Love

If you're like most women I know


✖️ Missing out on important moments with the people you love because you’re too busy stressing out over what you’re about to eat

✖️ Giving up your favorite foods and forcing yourself to eat things you don’t even like—all in an attempt to lose weight

✖️ Tracking your food and still not seeing the results you want (and let’s be serious, you’re not even sure if your macros are correct or if you’re tracking accurately)

✖️ Feeling guilty after binging all weekend because you restricted all week and let’s be honest—you’re HUNGRY

✖️ Having no idea what to do for your workouts and leaving the gym feeling like you didn’t get a good workout in…so what was the point?

When What You Really Want Is…

✔️ To feel good in your body—both with and without clothes on 

✔️ To ditch yo-yo dieting for good and simplify your eating plan

✔️ An expert to just tell you what to do so you can put your brain power to use elsewhere

✔️ To enjoy eating again! And stop walking around hungry (or overly stuffed) all the time

✔️ To create a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable today, tomorrow, and ten years from now—because health is a marathon, not a sprint

I’m not calling you OUT—I’m calling you IN. 

If you’re feeling a little seen right now

The Macro Mindset Reset Accelerator gives you all of that ^^ and more. Every month. Always customized. Because you can choose to ditch the diets and guilt for good, and we’ll be right there with you cheering you on.

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What Real Members Have To Say

“Why Macros?”

The Macro Mindset Reset Accelerator is a monthly, customized program where you receive new macro goals each week along with coaching to support you through your fat loss, reverse diet, or food freedom goals (plus access to the other goodies and bonus workouts).

It’s an innovative way of combining the power of science-backed nutrition with expert-crafted workouts—like having a nutritionist and personal trainer in your back pocket at all times.

If you’re not familiar with the term “macros” that’s okay!

It’s simply the shortened version of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, and protein). All of the food we eat is made up of these 3 macronutrients, and by intentionally eating specific amounts of each we can both heal our metabolisms and lose weight or build muscle (whatever you’re into!).

This Accelerator program doesn’t focus on restrictive calorie intakes or restricting food intake in any way. Instead, we focus on setting and maintaining macros—then adjusting as we go to meet specific goals. No starving. No cookie cutter numbers. No avoiding carbs or fats. Simply hacking science so we can achieve the results we want. Cool, right?!

So What Exactly Is The Macro Mindset Reset?

Using Caitlen’s signature method 

✔️ We’ll calculate where your metabolism naturally sits and where we want it to be so we can adjust your macros to get you there

✔️ Each week, you’ll input your data into a spreadsheet and receive your updated macro numbers (because as your weight and goals change, so do your macros)


Inside, you'll find;

For at-home and gym workouts

✔️ These workouts are completely optional and a bonus to the our Accelerator ladies! You are welcome to keep up with your Orange Theory, marathon training, yoga, or whatever makes you the happiest. See FAQ below for more.

✔️ You’ll get explainer videos for each exercise so you’re never left wondering, “What the heck does THAT movement look like?”

✔️ Use the workout and progress tracker (including progress picture tracker) to hold yourself accountable and celebrate your success along the way (connects directly to Myfitnesspal)


For FREE as part of the The Macro Mindset Reset Accelerator Program

✔️ Learn how to track when eating out, traveling, or attending fun events

✔️ Know how to track your food even when nutrition information isn’t available

✔️ SO MUCH MORE MACRO EDUCATION so you can feel confident and in control—regardless of what or where you’re eating—for the rest of your life (what you learn inside of MM are lifelong skills that will serve you and your rocking bod for decades to come)


And let’s not forget what you’re really gettingPure confidence and a sense of ease when it comes to eating and working out *hair flip*.

Ready to stop letting food rule your life? Come join us!

Via our private FB group

✔️ Get accountability access and support from Team CSchmidt Fit Coaches and Caitlen whenever you need to ask questions or seek advice

✔️Connect with other ladies in the program to hold each other accountable and tackle this journey together (Warning: you might end up with a whole batch of new best friends…it wouldn’t be the first time!)


The Macro Mindset Reset Accelerator was created to support you throughout your health and wellness journey—that’s why we've made it easier and more affordable than ever to become part of the peachy crew. 

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Six months for the price of FIVE


per month

Right now, our monthly membership is discounted from $150 to $97! And when you join today, you can secure that price FOREVER (as long as you stay a member).

And if you decide to sign up for 5 months upfront, we’re giving you a 6th month FREE (as a thank you & virtual hug). After your 6th month, you will be on the $97/month rate.

That’s weekly customized macros AND workouts AND access to the Master Your Macros Course all for $97/month. 

A Little Love From Some Of Our Favorite People
& Macro Mindset Reset Pals

bridget j.

One month in tracking macros and I'm down 8.2 lbs! And see major changes. Also did not feel deprived at all!

Loren w.

I had to order a bridesmaid dress back in December. Drum roll please...it came in this week and the waist actually needed to be taken in bc it's now TOO BIG!!!

Meet Your New Favorite Coach

And Peach Queen — Caitlen Schmidt

I’m going to keep this short and real—because there’s enough b.s. in this industry already and I’m not here to play games. I created the Macro Mindset Reset Accelerator (and my other programs) because women deserve more from the fitness and dieting industries. It’s that simple. 

Unfortunately, we’ve been fed lie after lie about food, exercise, weight loss, confidence, and everything in between. I struggled with restriction, food guilt, shame, and lack of confidence for years—and nothing I did got me closer to my goals. 

So I dug into the concept of tracking macros for sustainable fat loss and reverse dieting (after learning about it from a coach), then applied it to my life. I was AMAZED by the results—not just for my body but for my mental health, relationships, and life in general. I loved it so much that I got a Master’s degree in exercise science and sports nutrition and even did my thesis on reverse dieting for long term fat loss and food freedom. Why? Because I believe in it wholeheartedly and I’ve seen first-hand (and for hundreds of clients) just how life-changing reverse dieting and macro-tracking can be. 

This accelerator program is built on years of personal experience, higher-level education, and coaching—it’s everything I’ve learned thus far packaged into a simplified, easy-to-follow program that makes achieving your goals (whatever they are) a reality for you. And I’m so dang glad you’re here. Now let’s leave icky diet culture behind for good, k?


(Clemson University—GO Tigers)


Master’s DEGREE IN Exercise Science & Sports Nutrition

(Concordia University Chicago—GO Cougars!)


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I’ve got answers!

Have Some Questions?

Love that excitement to start! As soon as you enroll, you will be sent your Accelerator Welcome Package, which includes 3 intake form spreadsheets to determine your metabolic health, long term goals, and extra information needed to calculate your custom, correct macros. Once you submit your initial intake form, you will receive your starting macros and Weekly Tracker to get started.

Otherwise, you will get your starting macros your first week in the program!
Super simple! Each Sunday, you’ll submit a your personal Weekly Macro Tracker Google sheet. The following Monday, you will be notified in the Accelerator FB group when your macros have been updated in your Weekly Macro Tracker. Yay!
The honest answer is…that depends! What I can promise is that if you stick with tracking your macros and do your best to show up for yourself every day, you WILL see results. Most people begin to see changes in month 1, but the clients who see the absolute best results are those who commit to showing up up for a minimum 6 months! *Note the pay for 5 months, get the 6th free payment option!
I actually encourage you to travel, eat out, and enjoy all the holiday fun! Our goal is to help you learn to track your macros in every scenario with confidence. Come tell us your plans in our FB group so we can help you create a game plan that feels good to YOU!

Of course! NOTHING is off-limits here!

Yes! We have a countless clients with a variety of food preferences. The Accelerator was created to work WITH YOU and your food preferences. No food is off limit, and there are no foods that you must eat.
Yes! The Accelerator is a month-to-month coaching program at $97/month. If you decide to pay for 5 months upfront, you will get a 6th month for free. After your 6 months, you will be charged the normal $97/month rate. If you would like to wrap up, you just need to email team@cschmidtfit.com 2 weeks prior to your next months payment.
You lucky duck! You will have access to multiple Team CSchmidt Fit Coaches throughout your time in The Accelerator. If you’d like to unlock additional access to Caitlen at any point, you can take a upgrade to the Beautiful Peach Mastermind.
The Macro Mindset Reset Accelerator is great if you are [1] a beginner to macro tracking, or [2] want your macros adjusted for you, and [3] don't want to worry about learning how to do it on their own. BPM is for women who would like to learn how to be their own coach, adjust macros on their own, and have top level contact with Caitlen.
Nope! You’ll receive macros adjusted FOR YOU. If you want to learn how to adjust them yourself, you’ll want to join BPM.

You’ve tried everything else —
Now let’s do what actually works.

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